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Available Positions

Pool Service Technician

  •  $12 to $20 Hourly with the opportunity to earn job performance bonuses.

  •  Full-Time


Job Description

We are looking to hire a trustworthy and reliable Pool Service Technician to service and maintain our customers' swimming pools. As a Pool Technician, your duties will include driving to the customers' location, testing the pH of the swimming pool water, adding chlorine, acid, and other chemicals to correct the pH as well as repairing light fittings, leaks, cracks, and faulty equipment. You will use vacuums and nets to help clean debris from various pools, change filters, and troubleshoot other types of equipment.


Our ideal candidate should have excellent knowledge of swimming pool equipment and maintenance, be able to work with hazardous chemicals and interact with clients in a friendly and professional manner. We are willing to provide some training if you are a good fit for the job. We expect all of our employees to have a clean and professional demeanor. Job performance bonuses available!



  • Driving the company vehicle to the customer’s location.

  • Use vacuum and net equipment to clean debris

  • Empty or change pool filters and skimmers

  • Maintaining equipment and chemical stock levels at the store and in the vehicle.

  • Testing swimming pool water pH, and chlorine levels.

  • Adding acid, chlorine, and other chemicals to correct pH level.

  • Cleaning the swimming pool using authorized equipment.

  • Replacing globes in underwater light fittings.

  • Fixing cracks or leaks in the swimming pool structure.

  • Fitting and repairing pipes and plumbing for spas and pools.

  • Servicing and fixing faulty pool cleaning equipment.

  • Perform other preventative maintenance as needed

  • Completing paperwork and reporting service requirements to management.



  • High school diploma.

  • Previous experience as a Pool Technician preferred

  • Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation

  • Knowledge of proper pool cleaning and maintenance methods.

  • Extensive knowledge of swimming pool chemicals and their properties.

  • Knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, painting, and equipment repairs.

  • Ability to lift heavy equipment.

  • Ability to work in harsh weather conditions.

  • Experience repairing pumps, filters, and heaters a plus

  • Must be physically fit and willing to work outdoors

  • Ability to lift 50lb on a regular basis

  • Must be capable of standing, bending, stretching and other physical activities on a daily basis

  • Professional appearance.

Employment Application

Email application to Thank you for your interest!

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